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  • Multiple monitors made easy

    Whats new in version 8.1.1:
    • Change: Added "Monitor Splitting" in the Monitor Configuration window for creating smaller, virtual monitors out of your large monitors
    • Change: You can now apply more than one wallpaper image to a monitor using the new Monitor Splitting feature
    • Change: Wallpaper window now supports Windows 7+ Libraries
    • Change: New Function: Move Mouse Cursor to Next Monitor
    • Change: New Function: Move Mouse Cursor to Previous Monitor
    • Change: New Function: Launch Application
    • Change: New Function: Frame Windows 8 Metro Application (creates a window for the Metro app and allows you to use it on the normal desktop)
    • Change: New Advanced Setting: Disable Touch Detection
    • Fix: Compatibility rules no longer disable application hooks unexpectedly
    • Fix: Uninstaller now removes the DisplayFusionService all the time
    • Fix: Taskbar pinned items on network shares now have icons
    • Fix: Launching a second instance of an application from the DF taskbar now follows the Window Location rules
    • Fix: The transparent t...

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